Vision Therapist

Ginger is originally from Richmond, Virginia, where she completed her Bachelor’s in Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University. After college, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she met her husband and had three children, who are now fully grown. She attended the Royal Society of Arts in London, gaining certification as a Fitness Professional. While teaching step aerobics and strength training classes, she recognized her passion for educating and coaching others to achieve their goals. In 2009, her family moved to the Seattle area, where she discovered vision therapy and knew her skill set would be a perfect fit. Ginger has a decade of experience working as an Optometric Vision Therapist. She builds rapport with patients of all ages who struggle with visual challenges and helps to improve communication between the eyes and the brain. Outside of work, she and her husband together enjoy hiking and biking, gardening, cooking, and relaxing by their firepit with friends and family.


Vision Therapist

Diana grew up in Utah and moved to Washington state over 14 years ago where she is now raising her family. She focused her high school and college years around childcare and education and has spent countless hours volunteering in elementary schools, nannying, tutoring and lesson planning. A highlight experience for her was living in Voronezh, Russia for a semester and teaching English in an elementary school.

She has worked as a vision therapist for over 3 years and absolutely loves this field. Diana’s motto in therapy is “Set Them Up For Success.” She finds it so rewarding to see a patient move from a place of struggle to a place of confidence and achievement. Being a witness to some patients literally learning to see the world in a different way has been an honor for her.

Outside of work, she spends most of her time with her 3 kids and makes sure chocolate is part of her daily diet. She also likes strategy board games, playing the piano and ukulele, and reading.


Vision Therapist

Kelsey is from the San Francisco Bay Area and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from San Diego State University. She recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest because she loves the incredible scenery and the rainy weather. As a vision therapist, she is excited to create a warm and fun environment during her sessions, and help her patients achieve their goals and improve their visual skills. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, baking, and photography. Being new to the PNW, she is always open for trail recommendations or the best place to devour a donut.


Patient Care Coordinator

Joni was born and raised in the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington State. She has worked as a patient care coordinator in the optometric vision therapy field for over three decades and absolutely loves making a difference in people’s lives. She has three stepchildren who are fully grown and has two dogs and two kitties. Outside of work, she loves to go fishing, hiking and playing tennis with her husband Chip. She also enjoys spending time with friends and her family and roots for the Mariners every chance she gets!