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Signs & Symptoms

Should you schedule a visual evaluation for your child or yourself? Look at the questions below to learn about common signs and symptoms of a vision problem.

Boy with glasses playing

Is your child's visual system providing clear, comfortable, stable vision for learning, work and hobbies?

Reading & Screens

  • Do you get headaches or eye pain when you read or look at screens?

  • Do words move, jump, run together, or appear to float on the page while reading?

  • Do you skip or repeat words or lines while reading?

  • Does your focus go in and out while looking at something?

  • Do your eyes get tired faster than they should?

  • Do you tilt your head or close an eye while reading or looking at screens?

  • Do you hold books/screens too close to your eyes?

  • Do you avoid or have a short attention span with near tasks like reading?

  • Do you have to reread the same line of words when reading?

  • Do you feel like you read slowly?

  • Do you have double vision or shadowing of letters or words when reading or doing close work?

  • Do you have trouble remembering what you read?

  • Do you lose concentration when reading or doing close work?

Robot playing with toy


  • Do you misalign digits or columns of numbers?

  • Do you write uphill or downhill or have trouble with sizing and spacing?

  • Do you reverse numbers or letters like b and d or p and q (over age 6)?

  • Do you have trouble copying from the board?

Child standing on rock pointing with a stick


  • Do you bump into things, knock things over, or feel clumsy?

  • Do you get dizzy when moving or watching things move (ie cars, or TV shows)?

  • Do you dislike or avoid busy environments?

  • Do you have difficulty with balance?

Backpack drawing

General Academic Concerns

  • Do you have poor interest in reading and school?

  • Do you have poor reading comprehension?

  • Does homework take longer than it should or are there big frustrations with homework?

  • Do you have difficulty with attention, focus, or concentration?

  • Do you feel you are not meeting your full potential?

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